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Metronomic Services

Metronomic. is a specialized real estate, financing, planning and development company with offices in Chicago, IL, and Coral Gables, FL. The company offers boutique and value-added services, including: 

  • Real estate and business financing brokerage services: Re-finance commercial properties, property acquisition, construction financing, bridge loans, hard money loans, business lines of credits. Specializing in securing competitive terms and funding complex projects.

  • Strategic funding: Structuring and sourcing alternative capital options, including equity investments, private placement offerings, joint venture partnerships, and staged financing models.

  • Commercial real estate brokerage services: Strategically positioning, marketing, sales and acquisition services for commercial properties within the Florida market.

  • Planning and development consulting services: Project development plan, design, feasibility analysis, financial pro forma, capitalization plan, zoning, municipal approvals, government incentive procurement, and complete owner's rep services.

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